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Expertise in a range of family law issues

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Randall R. Shouse

    • Adoption

    • Guardianship

    • Divorce filings

    • Child custody

    • Child support

    • Visitation rights

    • Paternity testing

You can make sure your family is provided for in the future with our estate planning services. Let us help you look after your loved ones in a manner that they deserve.

Over 30 years of experience

in financial law, criminal defense, and family law

Let us help you with a custody battle, a divorce, or any other family law issue.

In a custody battle?

Protect your rights in family disputes

You can count on us for guidance through the legal maze of family law. From adoption to visitation rights, we'll protect your rights and work with you to get the best possible resolution for your case. We know it can be a frightening time, but you'll have help.

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Michael Langlois

Call today to arrange a consultation. We'll talk about what we can do for you and how we can help your case. You shouldn't go through the process alone. With us, you don't have to.

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